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We are here to please your needs for music, video’s, and collectables.  We have the “Wish List”.  The “Wish List” is for something your looking for,  and if we don’t have it in the store, we will try and get for you. The “Wish List” has worked out great for our customers looking for a gift for a friend or a loved one.  You could call it in anytime day or night, if it pops in your head in the middle of the night,  no problem!  Just call and leave it on our voicemail,  as soon as we get your request we will start to search for it and get back with you as soon as we find it.  We will call you with the price and how soon we could get it, and then leave it up to you to order it or not!  In the store we listen to our customers and what they are looking for. We can’t possibly have everything everyone wants, that’s when the “Wish List” comes in!  So, give us try!

our  SERVICE dept. :  We  service  Tv’s,  Stereos, Vcr’s,  Dvd’s, Computers, and now Guitar Amps!


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